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Before and Afters : Recent Work

When I arrived at Siren Skin Care, I immediately felt at relief! I was definitely nervous getting TATOOS on my face. Her space is the PERFECT place for taking care of yourself! It’s so clean, bright, airy and modern! I also have a new station to listen to, (hello Tom Misch!) Catie was so warm when greeting me! She let me know right away that my nerves were completely normal & most of her clients feel this way. She whisked me off to her space to begin chatting about all things brows. I loved her first question, "What are your dream brows?" 

I had spent months creeping her Instagram & knew exactly what I wanted! (Seriously, go look at her account - it’s FIRE!) I wanted even brows! I didn’t want to have to spend time filling them in every morning or worrying about what they looked like without any make up on. Let’s be honest, most weekends I have zero make up on while being mama!
Once she heard all about my #browgoals, she beginning prepping the outline of my new brows. She had me in a few different positions to really get a perfect shape. Once the outline was complete, I had time to look over the shape and make changes (I had no changes).

After giving the okay to the outline, she got to work! (I literally thought this process was going to take hours... It did not! I’m thinking maybe 45 minutes.) We chatted the entire time about all the girl things! It was literally like being with your best friend on a girls' day! I will say that the pain was not anything too terrible. I mean, I have birthed some babes :) She also uses a bit of numbing cream to help. 

Once she finished the first brow, she asked if I wanted to see. Part of me was like NO - what if I hate it? Then I’ll sob the whole way through the second one 😂 but I reminded myself who I was with, Catie the brow queen and I had her show me. O M G you guys! I was BLOWN AWAY! I had an EYE BROW! Like, one that isn’t colored on with a pencil! An even, beautiful, eye brow! I was pumped for the second one. After she completed, I got up to look in her full length mirror & was blown away again! Literally tearing up, hugging her! She has helped me feel like a beautiful mama without makeup! I know this seems so silly (maybe a little superficial to some) but your eyebrows make all the difference! 

Catie has a client for life in me! I even picked her brain about some of the other services she offers for possible future appointments! Book an appointment with Catie - you deserve every bit of what I’m feeling! Us mamas can still look 🔥 & Siren Skin Care can help! 

Kristin T.

Before and Afters : Testimonial

Catie is an artist!!! She’s amazing!! I got a nasal plasma lift. (It tightens the skin, shrinks pores, does all kinds of wonderful things for your skin) she advertised this saying it can make your nose smaller!!! (Not the bone but the soft tissue) I was skeptical bc there’s so much false advertising everywhere but I decided to do some research. I was blown away!! I’ve wanted a nose job since I was in 7th grade. But its very expensive and a Big process. doing this plasma lift is a tiny fraction of the price of a nose job, basically no down time and very minimal discomfort!!!! I would recommend this to anyone who’s ever wanted a nose job!! Or just tighter firmer skin!!!!! (you can get plasma lifts on different parts of the body and it helps with various issues; saggy eyelids, crows feet, wrinkles, etc) I’m so glad I decided to do this for myself!! I feel more confident! And I don’t need a nose job bc im Finally happy with mine!!!!Sava

Savanna L

Catie is such a beautiful soul. An absolute true artist. I wouldn’t trust anyone else with my brows but her. I have alopecia areata and have always struggled to have eyebrows. She did powdered brows on me and I can’t being to tell you how much she changed my life. I feel like a new person. It’s doesn’t get better than Catie ❤️

Megan M

Siren Skin Care gave me my dream eyebrows!! Brow calligraphy/microblading is not something I took lightly. I apprehensive about semi-permanency and cost. It's an investment and I needed to trust the person. It's my face after all! I looked at Catie's work and consulted with her and trusted her. She absolutely nailed it and I am over the moon. She is as warm as anyone I've and made it such an easy going experience. If you are looking to do this it is 1000% worth every penny!

Sarah W

Before and Afters : Testimonials

Siren Skin Care is run by Tucson's favorite mermaid, Catie! JK JK I think perhaps the real reason it's called Siren Skin Care is because you can't resist the call of perfect brows? What do you think?

I had been curious about the procedure of microblading for a long time, but very afraid to bite the bullet. The idea of a semi-permanent brow made me nervous, especially if I wasn't in the most capable of hands. Trusting someone to transform your face is a terrifying thought. I looked up different places around town for about a year or so, until I stumbled on Siren Skincare through social media. Catie expertly handles a variety of styles of brows, and really knows her stuff (she's got certifications like crazy on her wall to back this up). For my look, I love the idea of a "fluffy / natural brow" over the typical manicured microbladed brow, and wanted a look that I could wear without makeup and still look natural. Once I found her work, I saw she did it all! She's done the precise and clean look, bold and big, glam and fabulous, etc! My sad, blonde, sparse brows have now turned into bold, dark, eye-catching brows. 

As far as the actual microblading process, she handled it with care and like a true pro! I did not find it nearly as painful as I thought I would, more so irritating if anything, and the process only took an hour and a half from start to finish! My brows are now fully healed (and I had my six week touch up), and I couldn't be happier! I will be coming back for the occasional tint, and clean up on a regular basis.

Thank you Catie for boosting my confidence, and giving me the brows of my dreams! I wouldn't trust anyone else with these brows.

Hannah M.

After coming here, I don't think I can get my brows done anywhere else. Catie is so nice and friendly, in addition to being a brow expert. She handles every wax is with such grace and she always makes sure you are relaxed and comfortable! Her office space is clean and tidy, making you feel right at home. It's a great experience all around.

Ariana S.

I had my second round of plasmalift done today to eliminate 20 year old cystic acne scars on my lower jaw area. I knew going into this I'd need two rounds. The results from the first procedure were incredible. I cannot wait to see what the results from the second procedure yield.

Katie R.

Before and Afters : Testimonials
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