Siren Skin Care should really be called Siren SELF Care.  

It’s a no-shoes, comfy blanket, hang-out-with-your-friend (me!) environment. Bright windows and fresh air relax the senses in a cool and comforting space where you can immediately let down your guard and let us take care of you. We are inclusive, not exclusive.

Whether you are here for skin care (peels, facials, product), a full brow-perfecting appointment, some deep tissue massage, or just some love and hugs, you will feel restored when you step out the door (but if you aren’t ready to do so yet, please feel free to take some extra you-time in our waiting room, with aforementioned comfy blanket:)). 

Our mission is not only to listen, but to follow through with each of our guests’ needs until they feel full, confident and beautiful. We all have stuff to work on, but there is no room here for negative self talk, and you need only think of your more gorgeous qualities. If you need help with that, we can do that too! We want you to feel as AMAZING as you are!